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How can you categorize Digital marketing?


You know digital marketing is a broad concept as it is of various types and branches in that. Thus it is quite a broader concept but this is the best way to reach your target audience and achieve your objectives.

So wiz91 Technologies is the Best Digital Marketing Company in Indore leading in the market to provide you the exact knowledge in the depth of all about Digital Marketing Consultant in India.


To explain to you in simple terms all we have to do in content marketing is to write and publish posts, articles, blogs, and anything valuable piece related to your work that made a powerful impact on the audience to like, share, and follow your account which helps you to reach the maximum to your customers. generally, when it comes to B2B companies it is all about writing reports in the form of white paper works. But when it comes to the B2C businesses it requires engaging and writing articles, blog articles, recent updates, and campaigns which were launched by the company to promote their product and services. All you need is to build a content strategy and then follow it on regular basis.


In search engine marketing what happens is let’s suppose someone searches on google that a Digital Marketing Consultant in India so you see within just a second it will show you the list of a few Best Digital Marketing in Indore, therefore this is the power of digital marketing. It will help you to build your brand, your product, and your services and also help you to rank on the top SERP on google. The only thing you need to remember here is that your way is an organic method to reach the audience and use more appropriate keywords to gain more visibility on your website.


So what does display advertising actually mean? a billboard hoarding, or banners? So apart from this, there’s much more inside display advertising. India’s Top Digital Marketing Company company will go on paid ads to gain more reach to the maximum of the people, of their target or specific users or audience and therefore they use to display their company or businesses ads on some certain occasion in the form of banners or billboards in order to gain the attraction of the public. Here you have to choose content that is relevant to your business profile and network and connect with the people.


Mobile marketing is the best as well as the most popular way to promote your product and your services without using a desktop. All you need is a mobile with a good data connection. To engage with your audience you can send them tests or messages, showcase your product to them and make more engagements, you can also share your previous feedback from the users to make them trust you. You have to be more creative in your work so people will attract and like the piece of your work. Also, it is best if you setup up your website as” mobile friendly ” this will help you to get more traffic on your page because a maximum of people still use mobiles as it is pocket friendly.


Social marketing is the best way to make connections with a wider or larger audience. I’m gonna tell you how this works, so you have do is set your business profile on any social media account and then have to choose what kind of content you wanna share with your audience and start interacting with them. Instead of just broadcasting messages you can make conversation with them and build your network. The platforms like- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

Video marketing is similar as you have showcased some of the key features of your brand and then given your audience a quick highlight or an overview of what you offer to them. Because videos are quite a creative way to express more information in less time or in just a few minutes. You can also add graphics, infographics, and various other features and can add anything to make it more attractive.


Email marketing is the place where you can make shoutout, and promotions alert and give them notifications about your recently new business, and nurture your relationships. The secret is to make them feel that you cared for them. Greet them on various occasions regarding the side of the company and grab their attention.
Email marketing is not just about sales it is about creating and giving valuable content to your audience to make them feel valued.


There’s a misconcept attached to affiliate marketing, people think it’s something of a waste of time and often thought that how can a person earn billion just by doing affiliate marketing? So I’m telling you the right way of doing affiliate marketing because in the present world there are people who are making around thousands of rupees in just a day. At first, all you have to do is choose the right niche for your brand, which includes what is your main purpose, how you are providing them services, what services you offer, and what you are good at all these things. Secondly, you have to decide on which platform you have to start with whether it is youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, start selling what you have. Next, you have to create content that best describes your business. Engage with more and more people start communicating with them and letting them know what you can offer to them and how they can also earn money with affiliate marketing. Build a proper email list where you can notify your audience about your product and services or what’s new you’re coming up with. Try to take more of the leads so that more and more people will visit your website.

Also, there are some tools that you can use to create your sale in an efficient way. But this is a brief description that I’ve given to you. We Wiz91 Technologies are trying our best to serve you with the best knowledge and content as we are also the Digital Marketing Agency in Indore so we have solutions for all your problems.