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which are soem of tools of digital marketing ?


Digital marketing has some of the popular tools that marketers use in order to boost their strategy and the techniques to make their posts, clips, and the product goes on trending. So we Wiz91 Technologies, as the Digital Marketing Agency in Indore will help you to give you a brief guide on the tools.

The Digital Marketing industry is dynamic in nature, it is ever-changing and to cope with the changes marketers were used various tactics, techniques, and tools with their skills, and collaborate with other creators to boost their website or product reach.

Here are a few tools that you can use in Digital Marketing :


Semrush is a digital marketing tool that is often used to search for keyword research. This tool will help in checking the ranking and usability of the word by the other creators and tell us about the volume of that particular word and cost per click. Thus it drives traffic to your website.


Canva is one of the best tools that even the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Indore will suggest you use with the help of canva you can easily create designs and posters for your product, Here you can draw a figure, and give any shape. Additionally, it also has the best pixel design so you can invest in its paid plans for better features.


This marketing tool is the platform for email tracking, notifications, prospect tracking, and meeting schedule with a live chatting option. The best thing about this platform allows two users to access the CRM.

4) WVO

A Digital Marketing Consultants in India will suggest you this tool for better visual web optimizing, as this tool measures the number of clicks on the website, the time spent by the users on that particular website, and also with the exit intent. WVO tests your site from different angles to increase your conversion rates by providing you with testing buttons, color, headlines, landing page layouts, and another variable.

5) SLACK :

Slack is a messaging program set up for communicating and connecting with a larger audience. Also, you can video connect and group chats in order to increase your productivity.


Best digital marketing in India uses this tool because for any business, whether a small startup or a large business starting up with a WordPress site or it can be a blog also will advanced the hidden simplicity to end users thus providing a large customizable lightbox for email, content locks, targeted campaigns which is based on google.


Among India’s Top Digital Marketing Companies Unbounce is the tool that is used for outer marketing. Here what you can do is pre optimized your landing pages and then pair them with AI to transform creative ideas into a campaign. It is used for mobile as well as desktop traffic and pleases them with the best features. If you want some advanced function features you can also have it here as javascript and HTML. Therefore from here it will shift your traffic to higher conversion rates.


Buzzsumo is social media tool where you can search for content with the highest number of shares and all the social media metrics. It will identify the social marketing influencers who were building the trending profiles and whose content is most shared and viewed by the people. This will help you to compete with your competitors.

So these are some of the best tools by the Best Digital Marketing Company in Indore which help you to boost your engagement with the customers, increase your reach , and connection which ultimately gives you the best results.