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What is a 301 redirect? How different is it from a 302 Redirect?

301 redirect


You know the world of Digital marketing is broad and includes many terms and factors, so today wiz91 Technologies as the leading and Best Digital Marketing Company in Indore will give you in-depth knowledge of all about 301 redirects? as per the title say how it is different from a 302 redirect. How do they affect SEO? And we are also going to define what is 302 redirect. So read this blog till the last and stay connected with the Best digital marketing in India.


The 301 redirect indicates the permanent moving of a webpage from one location to another. It is part of the HTTPS status code. To understand you in simpler terms 30 redirect tells your page that the website is permanently shifted to a new location.

Now you might have a question that why we should use 301 redirects. what is its advantages?


– 301 redirect keep your visitors engaged :

Let’s understand this with an example your website has an error on your 2nd page, now when the users crawl through that page they highly discourage your website. So for this reason, 301 redirect is useful as it avoids the users to see those pages which keeps the users engaged.

– It removes the old URL from the index :

When google detects your website and found that it is a 301 redirect it will remove the old URL from your website and then replace it with a redirect URL. This results in replacing of old page with a new one so whenever users open it they were directed to a new URL.


As the Best digital marketing in India and also the Best digital marketing in India we are trying our best to help you understand the topic well. So here what happens is there’s a strong bond between 301 redirects and the page rank. How? So what google will do, will top rank only those pages which have a good quality of content and according to the quantity of the content. Am I right? So let’s suppose that you have posted a blog and with your other blog you have connected it. So for that of course you have put the link to redirect to the next blog to find more content. For this you need authority to merge both pages, but google will accept this request only when they found your content related to each other, if they found different content then it would turn your website page into a 404 error.


Now when we are going to distinguish between the both 301 and 302 redirect we’ll conclude that 301 rediect are only for permanent moves to change from one location to another whereas 302 redirect are for temporary moves.

Actually 302 redirect is a temporary redirect which take the visitors to a new URL for a temporary moves only. It is used when you have to redirect your usersto your original site, when you have to design your webpage, when company want to run a promotion in order to create sale or receive feedback from the new page without affecting the old one.

We Digital Marketing Company in Indore, wiz91 Technologies have tried our best to explain you all about 301 and 302 redirect hope it made you easier to studied and understand with the examples.


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