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An Overview Of SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) - wiz91 technologies


An Overview Of SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation )

Now-a -days moving into the modern world you have often heard about the word ‘ Search Engine ‘, it becomes a necessity for businesses in order to grow in the market. Digital Marketing Agency in India uses SEO tactics to be on the top. Here, I’m going to give you a complete idea of what a search engine is. why it is important? What are the various types of SEO? What is SEO marketing? how does it work? and how you can learn it.

These are the key topics I’m going to cover in this blog. At Wiz91 Technologies, we are offering you the best SEO services in India, and leading the Digital Marketing Agency in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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This article will give you the knowledge of a brief overview of SEO,


The word SEO stands for ‘ Search Engine Optimisation ‘, it is a method to attract a huge crowd to our websites in order to get more visibility, more views, likes, and engagements in an organic way which eventually boosts our growth.  

Okay to understand it more clearly let’s take an example that you have started a business that is running online, now you have to build your customer base, so to attract more customers you have to use marketing tactics to maximize the number of people come to know about your business, your services, and the products you offer. The question is when they will come to know about your newly started business? It happens only in two cases, 

1 – When you use SEO-friendly content. 

2 – When the SEO marketer is marketing your website.

With the help of this example, you’ll know that businesses or professionals hire the best SEO expert in India so that your website will reach a larger audience which helps you to make a profit.

I hope from this you get a basic idea of SEO, 

Now in the next topic, we’ll learn what is its importance.



According to the report, people are searching trillions of words per year. And we need a search engine so that people will easily find us. In this topic, An overview of SEO you’ll learn with simplicity without any confusion.

let’s look at the reason why search engines,  


For every business, it’s pivotal to get on the top search list of google. But to be on that list one must follow some SEO guidelines. The more visited websites and the top-ranking websites on google make their content as organic as they can. The more quality content you provide to your audience, the more visibility it gains, and as visibility improves, your website begins to rank on Google.


The user needs what’s trending in the market, and the way we respond to their queries by answering them the better the chances of us being in the search list of google or any other bot. Now before discussing further let’s understand what SERP’S.

SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ) helps you to rank on google by diversifying the content as paid ads, featured content, people ask questions, knowledge graphs, and videos. 


The aim of every business is to lay a strong foundation and for that their main purpose is to serve clear content, easy usage of languages, remove ambiguity and properly place the meta titles and descriptions in order to win the hearts of millions of audiences. here are the few things you need to remember in order to No-1, 

We are the best SEO agency in Indore help you to rank on your website,

  • Use Only Natural Links.
  • Make Sure Your Site Loads Quickly.
  • Fixed The Technical Issues First.
  • Quality Content 
  • Use Proper Keywords.
  • Use A Simple URL Structure

You have seen that in earlier days people use various marketing schemes in physical form to showcase their products to a larger audience. But now in today’s era, online marketing becomes a key factor for achieving greater success just by opening a website. In previous days businesses used pamphlets, usually print marketing, and used word of mouth which required a huge amount, but today there’s a new way to come out known as ‘ Digital Marketing ‘ used with the help of SEO to engage with the customers. It doesn’t require a huge cost to invest, with just a little money you can reach a good crowd of audience. 


Google is the best example of user experience, it continuously evolves to reduce the timing and show results to the user in just a few seconds. It has improved the click to show the results in just one or a few related words. So fulfilling the demands of your customers is a must and thus writing the content by following the SEO makes the customer as well as you happy. 

In an overview of the SEO part, we have explained the meaning, use, and importance, now in the further part, we’ll discuss its types and process.

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WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF SEO - wiz91 technologies


When talking about the types of SEO it’s of many types, like Black hat SEO, White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, Content SEO,  Enterprise SEO, and many others but there are mainly four types of SEO that are basically the most important. 

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

Now let’s discuss the four types one by one, that I’ve mentioned in an overview of SEO for your better understanding,


For any SEO agency in India or internationally, On-Page SEO is important because it helps you to rank on any bot with the help of high-quality content, proper use of meta tags, meta titles, and the header. H1 tags in the meta title and H2, H3, and H4 tags in the meta descriptions will make it easier for the bot to crawl your website, and once it has, your audience will have no trouble finding it.

Here are some of the ways to improve your on-page screenings use by the best SEO company in India,

  •  Use The Keywords In The Heading.
  •  Describe The Title Which Relates To Your Industry.
  •  Properly Mentioned The Keywords Throughout The Content.
  •  Update the URLs Title Tags, And Front Pages To Get More Visibility To Your Content

    And People Interested In Reading The Article/Blog You’ve Written. 

  • Your most recent articles should be at the top of the list.
  • Create an appealing and enticing heading and meta description.
  • High-quality content that is written in straightforward language so that readers may understand it.


Another better way to get ranked on google is using off-page SEO. The off-page SEO is related to what’s outside the website which helps the company to rank by using backlinks, and hyperlinks, and promoting your websites to other pages to build relevancy and trustworthiness. The off-page SEO is the heart of SEO as it gives navigation to your website. 

We at Wiz91 Technologies follow some of the points that I think every SEO agency in Indore as well as in India adopts,

  • Backlink The Good Quality Content That Relates To Your Content.
  • Put The Most Important Pages At The Top Of Navigation, So That Google Easily Crawled Your Website.
  • Engage With The Audience, Give Them Better Suggestions, Guide Them And Inspire Them.
  • Share Your Document On Other Sites Or Platforms In The Form Of Slides Or Images.
  • Social Media Marketing Is The Best Way To Engage With The Right Audience.


Technical SEO relates to the optimization of the technical issue that causes your website to be unable to crawl and index it. You see the people don’t follow the certain implications of the SEO and then suffer to rank on the bot. So by using these technical SEO elements, like crawling, indexing, and rendering a company can easily be on top. 

The Best SEO company will serve you to be found on the internet easily, and here are the best SEO experts in India as well in Indore have some tips and tricks to be on the top of the game.

  • Use mobile-friendly websites.
  • Optimize the robot.txt.
  • The core vitals are important because it’s going to tell you,
  • How fast does the page load?
  • How is the user able to interact with the content?
  • How fast does the website show its visibility? 
  • XML sitemap creation in a clear manner.
  • Check the duplicacy of your content. 


Local SEO helps your business to be found on google more relevantly with the location of your business. It further boosts the visibility of your audience and helps you to get on the top search list when somebody types the words related to your services. 

To improve the local search results we at wiz91 Technologies, an SEO company in India will help you to get found on the top of the search list by showcasing the reviews and managing the google business account, and checking the accessibility of your website to the locations by improving the NAP’s ( Name, Address, and the Phone number ).

This is just a brief overview of:-

how seo is works - wiz91 technologies

Do You Know How SEO Works?

In an Overview of SEO, we have learned what actually SEO is, now here we learn it’s processed, How google crawlers crawl the website and how indexing is done and then your page will rank at the top of Google.  So Search engines follow an algorithm and work according to its manner. To get ranked at the top of google we have to follow certain steps or procedures so that google will crawl easily and help the business to reach a larger audience. 

Here are the three steps, to know more about an overview of SEO,

  • Crawling 
  • Indexing 
  • Ranking

let’s understand them carefully one by one.


With the aid of these web spiders, data is browsed and new webpages are obtained, hence the term “spider” or “robots” in SEO. Therefore, if your post contains a link to the main page of your website, it is simple for users to recommend visiting there, which aids in increasing traffic to your website. The crawler crawls through the internet and reads your HTML code in order to understand the structure of your page, the type of content you upload, and the meaning of your content.  

Because if the crawler doesn’t find your content, it is confirmed that you’re not going to rank on the bot.


The second step is Indexing, in the first step we learned how google crawls through websites but in the second step, Google indexed our websites, which means that it filters out the content by confirming, Whether the content is plagiarism free, Whether the content is not spam, Whether the pager lacked inbound links? In this step, Google will classify the content and prepare it for placement on the SERPs.


Only your website may rank once the crawling and indexing procedure is complete. Ranking on Google isn’t an easy task. To appear on Google’s top ranking, you must adhere to some algorithms. In order for people to see your post or blog when they search for terms connected to it, you must include the right meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords in your content.

So this is all about an overview of SEO and in the further articles, we’re gonna cover the topic related to the keywords.

So if you’re looking for the best SEO Company in India as well as the best SEO services in Indore ( Madhya Pradesh ) feel free to contact us at 0731- 4063408  or simply mail us at   

For SEO and Digital Marketing services visit:- Wiz91 Technologies

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