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crawling and indexing


We’ll learn how crawling and indexing are done, and what is the process with a real-life example. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it while learning as we are the Best SEO Company in Indore.

From this blog, you’ll be able to get a clear idea of what actual indexing in SEO is and how it works.


Crawling is the process in which search crawlers or spiders crawl through the website to collect the data and update it to Google. Google crawls through the page to update the index whether it made any changes or not. It will detect the changes and update them.

Now the search engine downloads the robot.txt file to confirm which page it needs to crawl and which does not. While downloading the file you have to download sitemaps. Now before we move further let me explain to you what sitemaps are, so the sitemaps are the lists of all the websites and the URL that your company has. Sitemaps will give navigation for easy visuals for the users and it’s the language for search engines. It includes images, videos, links, and other files.

Now get a clear idea of how robot.txt is working, so robot txt is nothing but just a file that tells google what to crawl and what not to.

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For example, you see on the website of any company let’s take it’s Amazon many pieces of information are private for each individual, like when you make a purchase you have your Amazon wallet. When you sign in to the account you have your email ID and your phone number. These are the information robot.txt disallows the bot to crawl (crawling and indexing). And all other details which need to be showcased have to be allowed publicly.

Now we’ll go to indexing, and see how we do indexing, and Google stores this information.


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You see, before indexing, there’s one more step called storing. After the crawling process is complete, Google copies everything and stores it on the server. The copy of your website is called ‘cache’. The cache is great as it helps your website load faster and increase its speed. And your visitors will be satisfied and happy.

let’s understand it with an example (crawling and indexing),

Assume that you have a clothing manufacturing company and for that, you need various materials. Now you have to collect all the dos and don’ts to identify each. You have to arrange it correctly like red color material in one place, green in another, and pink, orange & blue differently. To fix this, now that you have properly organized the materials you have classified them into proper categories according to size and quality, and once stored well in yourself for safekeeping. This is what exactly the indexing (crawling and indexing) is.

Google stores all your information which includes,

– Meta Title
– Meta Descriptions
– Type of Content
– Associated Keywords
– And the number of Outbound and Inbound links.

With the millions of databases on web pages following this process of indexing will help you to get rank on Google.

The process of crawling and indexing is quite complex as they are interlinked.

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