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In the previous blog, we discussed. the topic of the different techniques in on-page SEO. In this blog, we are going to cover the different techniques used in off page SEO to increase traffic and audience. We Wiz91 Technologies, the best SEO Company in Indore are here to help you with the complete knowledge to understand the topic clearly.

Here are some of the techniques that websites use to increase their reach, trustworthiness, credibility, and visibility of your site.

– creating valuable backlinks
– social media marketing
– guest content
– forum posting
– local listings
– slide sharing
– article posting
– Infographic
– Image sharing

These are some of the ways to improve your search engine ranking in the SERPS. Let’s understand them one by one,


Creating backlinks is still the best way to increase the visibility of your site in the search engine. The backlinks will boost the reach of the sites. The links are also in two forms one is natural links and the other one is inbound and outbound links,
Natural links develop naturally; they are an expression of respect and trust. The inbound links are those links that come from other websites or other domain names. Atlas the outbound links are those links on your website that link out the other pages or with a different domain name. So, creating these valuable links and outbound links or sharing some important information with the user will increase your website visits.


One of the most effective ways is social media offers a platform where you can interact with millions of people and engage with them about your content and your websites, though it’s the best off page SEO strategy that most businesses use. Platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are major and provide a wide source to build business relations with people.


Guest content is the best method of marketing your product by posting the content on other websites or blog pages. The best example is how commonly you see people using Instagram to write stuff and pages to market it. So have you ever thought that why others write guest content is because they get a new crowd for their websites or pages? When people find them, they will visit their website and then they will get a higher reach to the audience.


Forum posting is also a type of backlink, what happens here is that the company will participate in various online discussion forums, and then they generate inbound links which allow the traffic to drive towards your website. In general, websites do this to improve their Google ranking by responding to users’ inquiries and questions. The content of the forum must be original, and it must follow the guidelines of the forum.


Listing our website in the local search increases its search relevance and ranking. The businesses will set up their website online in the local search listing by mentioning the following details name, address, landmark, and other details regarding the business itself.

For instance, if you’ve searched for the best SEO company in Indore, the results or places nearby where these services are provided will be displayed to you instantly. We are here to provide you with the best SEO services in Indore because we are the best SEO agency in Indore as well as in India.


Slide sharing is best when it comes to building a network, content marketing, social media, and link building. This will summarize the whole details of the content as it represents the creative way to spread the message of your content more easily to a large audience.


Article posting is the other strategy that is used by most businesses as in this the first article is written and then the content needs to be shared with the third party. In this way, off page SEO attracts the crowd by submitting to famous websites.


Infographic design is one method of attracting visitors to your website by producing graphics. This alone may increase visitors to your website. Additionally, you can also add links to your website so that people will directly come from
that particular image to your website and find and share it with others.


At last, it’s the image sharing in which the images & graphics that are created are being shared with on sites to engage with the wider audience and also create quality content. This is a useful technique used in off page SEO. By creating backlinks, you may increase the traffic to your websites and encourage visitors to interact with the content.

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