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What are the different categories of SEO techniques?

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When talking about the different techniques of SEO techniques not all businesses use the organic method to bring the crowd of audience on the website, sometimes they use false practices also or the activities to bring more audience on the pages. And these techniques are, Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO. We at Wiz91 Technologies are the SEO Company in India providing you the best services and uses the best method to
help you earn more audience and the customers in an organic manner.

Here I’m going to explain you everything so that you’ll get a clear idea of everything,


You have often heard about these terms when it comes to, but don’t know what white hat SEO actually is? Today I’m going to share some of the ways to help you understand this.

So White – Hat SEO is also known as the method of Whiteness and goodness. This SEO is designed to create organic traffic to our page to build and maintain the relevancy. There are some guidelines which google webmaster has mentioned for the SEO and White hat SEO is the one who accepts those guidelines and makes the content free from those errors. Thus, it builds a quality content with the proper usage of Meta title and Meta Description with absolute headings. It ensures the usage of Keywords and its importance in the content and adds hyperlinks to let the user jump on the other pages.

Also, at Wiz91 Technologies we are offering you various services which help you track your audience in an organic way.

Now we’ll see the benefits of using White Hat SEO

– White hat SEO will improve your rankings; this will be possible when you place the relevant
use of the keywords.
– Produces quality content,
– Long run benefit,
– And helps you to give better user experience.


Generally, you see most of the times the businesses use wrong techniques in order to bring traffic to their page by taking the advantages to get more visitors on their pages which is irrelevant, or we can say against the guidelines of google. Be patient, we are here to make you understand the topic clearly.

Black – Hat SEO is a wrong technique or illegal tricks and tactics used by some of the websites which are against the general guidelines of the google. For a short term sometimes it gives you benefit but onesd hte google finds out it will take the serious action against you. In simple terms we can define Black Hat SEO as the method or technique which is against the white – Hat SEO.

Now let’s see the techniques used by the Black hat SEO:

– They have duplicates in their content.
– The content doesn’t offer any needful information.
– They use words by Hiding the content by using the same background as the text colour.
– They have irrelevant landing pages as well as poor backlinks.
– Spamming links by using it everywhere.


Grey hat Seo is the combination of both White hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. This technique follows the google guidelines up to a certain limit and also sometimes goes beyond the white hat SEO in order to reach higher audience, increasing the fake reviews, buying the expired domain, and using the multiple accounts to redirect the users or bring the audience to your website these are the examples of grey hat Seo.

This is all about the different techniques used by the SEO, I really hope you enjoy reading this part and understand everything clearly with Wiz 91 Technologies, as the best company in India.

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