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different techniques used in on-page SEO

Different Techniques Used in on-page SEO?


This blog by the best SEO company in Indore, we are here to understand the concepts for the SEO in order to give you the right knowledge. In the previous blog we have learned about the basics of what is off-page SEO and now in this blog we are going to learn what are the different techniques that on- page SEO needs to get the traffic of the customer and rank on the search engine.

techniques used in on-page SEO

Here’s the summary of the   10 techniques that you can use in order to increase your on- page SEO:

– Robot.txt
– Website Audit
– Sitemap
– Meta tag / Meta title
– Mobile friendliness
– Website Speed
– URL optimization
– Alt tag
– Google analytics search console
– keyword research

Now let’s understand each one by one,


Robot.txt is the file which tells the search engine crawlers to not crawl certain pages. As we have seen that there are many pages on the websites that hide from the users and the google in order to maintain the privacy, these can be the bank details, or the other product related information that the website wants the protection.
So, the robot.txt is going to command the search engine which page to allow and which page to disallow.


Auditing your website must be in the form of quantitative content as well as the qualitative content. The quantitative content will help you answer the outcomes and number of the people who visit or see your content. On the other side, the qualitative content is the content which tells you the quality of your content and the traffic it creates on your page. Thus, by taking these measures will help you to increase the quality of your traffic and refining the content strategy.


Imagine a textbook and look at the first page of it. It is an index column, Isn’t it? What does it represent? So, it helps us to direct the exact chapter by telling its page number. That’s exactly what a sitemap is, it will help you as a direction to directly move to the page you want to be. The perfect definition for sitemap is, it’s a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and the relationship between them.


Meta tag is very important as it’s the main factor which helps you increase your ranking in google. The meta titles and the Meta descriptions both have relevant keywords because the keywords will boost its reach and ranking. The length of the title should be 50-60 characters and not more than this, and the meta description is around 150-155 characters with the relevancy in the keywords.

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We all know that in today’s world we all use smartphones and in every other house in your neighborhood they have at least 2-3 smartphones as an average but when it comes to laptop or a desktop it’s not the case. Though because its expensive many people are still unable to purchase and afford, therefore, the company who builds websites on the Desktop mode only gets lower chances of rank on Google because most of the reach by the person is from their mobile phones with just a single one touch. So, if you’re going to search for the best SEO Company in Indore or the best SEO company in India, the results are quickly shown by the search engine.


Who loves when it takes a long time to load the information you want? You quickly want the results within a few seconds. You have often seen, to understand this let’s take a real-life example, suppose you want some website builders and marketer for your company, and you are finding the best digital marketing agencies or the best SEO agencies in Indore but when you enter for the search the website takes a huge time to load, and until then it buffers a lot. So, in this case the user has a poor work experience with you because he wastes a lot of time spending to get the results but just because your website lacks speed. So, in order to get a good user experience, you need to improve your website’s speed as it automatically increases your conversion rate too.


URL optimization must as most of the traffic comes from seeing the URL because it represents the content you have written and to improve the URL it’s better if you add the relevant keywords related to your content.


ALT tags are also known as the ‘ alternate tags ‘, or ‘ alternate description ‘, these are generally used to describe the images and with the help of alt tags the user will better understand the content. These are generally short and in the form of HTML with the aim to create more search results both from the google and the google images.


The google analytics will help by tracking its performance, which tells you how many people visit your websites, how many people click on your website, the timings of your post, and other details so by monitoring the analytics, will help you gain a larger audience.


In SEO the importance of the keyword is highly impressive. Just like you put the right keyword or use the better one who has high reach this will increase your ranking on google and is the best on – page SEO practice. This can be a question or even the thesis that can be found by the users while making a search related to their requirement.

So, this is all about the On- page SEO techniques and I really hope you’ll find this piece of content by the best Seo company in Indore, Wiz91 Technologies. In the next blog we’ll be going to cover the next topic which is the best techniques for Off – page SEO. the best Seo companies in Indore


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